Pier Laundry Ltd., Gott Pier, Isle of Tiree PA77 6TN  Registered company no. SC573628


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A standard service wash is £16 per wash/dry/fold per maximum load of 7 kilos (15lb).  Anything greater than 7 kilos would be two loads or more.  Anything exceeding 7k is divided between two machines and becomes two service washes costing £32.


Standard washes are generally dropped off and collected on the same day or within one or two days after.  Unfortunately limited space means we cannot hold laundry for any length of time. Payment is in cash and, as would be the case if you did the laundry yourself, there is no receipt with Standard Service Washes although one can be provided if requested. Further details are noted on the poster below. 


If you have a holiday-home and can commit to using the laundrette for a minimum of 8 weeks out of any 12 between April and September, sign up to the HOLIDAY LET SPECIAL DEAL by depositing £30 into our account under your HOUSE NAME. Receiving this will trigger your registration and thereafter you only need decide whether to drop off your laundry or have it uplifted (see below for uplift and delivery charges). You will be invoiced monthly.