• Only one person to be in the launderette at any time. If occupied, please wait for the person to come out and allow you in, or return later. Keep a minimum of 2m between you. You could also phone in advance to check availability: 07747013639.

  • Opening hours will be 10am - 9pm Tuesday - Sunday, closed Monday. This will be reviewed after 4 weeks.

  • Disinfecting spray and blue roll will be left for customer use: for your own peace of mind, wipe down any machines and handles you have used, before and after. We will also be doing this frequently, daily.

  • Please do not 'shake' clothing before placing it in the machine as this may disperse contamination you are unaware of.

  • If needed and necessary, incorporate a visit to the launderette with your weekly shop - drop off en route and collect on return.


Currently only available for those NOT showing symptoms of Covid-19

Service Washes

Because of the enormous difficulties we are all facing, a reduced-rate standard service wash/dry/fold of £12 per 8kg is available for the next 4 weeks, after which it will be reviewed and may be extended. This is for bed linen, duvets, and general clothing. There is no fee charged for doing the service washes or for uplift and delivery, and if your wash is found to cost less then you will be refunded the difference.  We are also offering FREE service washes to those who are finding current circumstances particularly challenging financially. Uplift and delivery would be included. Please contact Kate in strictest confidence. Payment (where applicable) should be paid in CASH please.

In most cases, laundry uplifted (from outside your house) will be returned (outside your house) on the same day. To further reduce the chance of contamination washed laundry will be placed in a black bag and the bag tied before being put in the car for delivery. Please supply your own detergent. 

To arrange, contact kate by text on 07747013639 or by phone (01879) 220723, or via social media or our website


Standard Practice

  • All machines, handles and surfaces will be sprayed and cleaned daily and regularly using separate materials than those left for customer use.

  • Staff will wash hands frequently and wear gloves.

  • The launderette will be closed to general public during Service Washes to limit the risk of contamination. If you wish a text alert when it is closed or vacant, please text 07747013630 and type ALERT.

  • The launderette will be monitored closely and frequently via CCTV when unmanned.

  • Kate will be the only person collecting, washing and delivering Service Washes throughout this period and has been in isolation for two weeks and will be maintaining social distancing. Kate is currently and for the foreseeable future home-alone with only her pooch for company.  


Government advice at 24 March for those with symptoms

  1. To minimise the possibility of dispersing virus through the air, do not shake dirty laundry.

  2. Wash items as appropriate in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

  3. All dirty laundry can be washed in the same load

  4. Wash should be 40o minimum

  5. Wait a further 72 hours after your 7-day (for individual isolation) and 14-day (for households) has ended when you can then bring the laundry to the launderette.

See here for further government advice for those with symptoms 


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